Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Recent Outfit - Red, White, & Blue

I took Monday off because my in-laws are in town from Ohio for the week. I'm enjoying having them visit with us for the first time in the new house. This is actually the first time they have ever stayed with us because this is the first time we've had the room. Extra bedrooms are awesome! This will be a 3-day week for me because I'm also taking Friday off. Pardon me while I do a big-girl cartwheel in celebration.

I didn't plan to take a picture of my outfit today since I just wore jeans again, but I had on my red booties and was using my new striped tote for the first time, so I decided to enlist a friend/co-worker to snap pics with my phone. It was a funky cold rainy day outside, so I was confined to the lobby of our office building. At least it wasn't the restroom.

I love this denim jacket, but since it's a bit cropped, I always find myself wearing it with an untucked shirt. (Y'all don't need to see my fat roll.) This jacket is lightweight and is a good color of stonewash, and pretty much goes with anything but I generally wear it with darker denim. Denim jackets are very versatile - I think everyone should have at least one. This one was a steal for less than $20.

I added the red boots because the outfit needed some color. There was a time not too long ago when all my shoes were neutrals. Not anymore though.

Do you own a denim jacket?

Denim Jacket - Wal-Mart
White Shirt - Marshalls
Jeans - Aeropostale (pretty old)
Red Sueded Short Zip Booties - Old Navy
Necklaces - TJMaxx
Watch - New York & Co.
Blue/White Striped Tote - Tommy Hilfiger via TJMaxx

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