Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Checkerboard Tote - Score!

So I was in Ross a couple of weeks ago picking up stuff to decorate the spare bedroom and saw a couple of handbags/totes that I just had to have. One of them was a blue/white striped Tommy Hilfiger tote, and the other one was the bag below with the black/white checkerboard pattern. 

It's just some no name bag (Chateau something) that only cost me $19.99, but it spoke to me y'all. It called out to me. It wanted to go home with me. I'm pretty sure I heard it say that, sorta like stuff talks to people in the Pier 1 commercial. So, of course I bought it.

I've carried it for the last 2 days and received compliments on it in the elevator both days. To me, that means it was a great purchase. I decided to Google black/white checkerboard tote and, low and behold, it's very similar to a Michael Kors tote, which costs $298. The picture below is the MK tote. Other than the logo, there's not much difference.

As you will learn, I'm cheap. There is no way in you know what that I would pay $300 for a purse.  I really like my $20 version of this purse though. WIN.

Would you carry this tote?

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